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President & CEO Cynthia Reed's most recent article was published in The Public Manager. Provide Technology Training for Efficiency and Productivity (found here) explores "keeping up with the latest technology," and how exploring and keeping your staff current on new technologies can save both Contractor and Government time and money.

Ms. Reed was able to pull from her own experiences in doing business with the Federal Government to discuss just how easy it is to fall into a software slump by applying "band-aids" and over-complicating tasks when there is a simpler, more efficient solution. Because efficiencies are a major part of our company values, MIRACORP offers our employees a very robust training platform ranging from Software programs to Program Management and Six Sigma training.

Title of the Document:  “Provide Technology Training for Efficiency and Productivity”
Date of Publication:  December 15, 2012

Article Link:

This article is reprinted with permission from the Volume 41 Issue 4 of The Public Manager © 2012, The Bureaucrat, Inc.