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    Small Business Administration Recognition

    2014 Small Business Person of the Year, Arizona

    “As Arizona’s Small Business Person of the Year, Cynthia Reed represents well the many small business owners who are the risk takers, the innovators and the employers whose contributions power our economy and daily serve our communities as local leaders,” said Robert J. Blaney, the District Director of the SBA in Arizona.

    2012 Arizona District Minority Small Business Person of the Year, Arizona

    "[Cynthia] was also evaluated on her participation in community projects and charitable affairs in which she is very active. She has overcome obstacles from her background and family history to achieve her present level of success."

    Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration, Sierra Nevada Region

    Contractor of the Year

    Awarded to MIRACORP Employee 2010 & 2011
    "Exceptional performance and teamwork, ability to learn quickly, work effeciently to produce a quality product ensuring minimal errors... A positive attitude and strong work ethic." -DOE Nominating Committee